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'Cog and Alts charge for 80
Jun 2, 10 7:43 PM
Death to the Crusade!
Apr 2, 10 7:23 PM
Alteric has an epic weapon
Mar 30, 10 6:45 PM
Caldan Respecced
Mar 24, 10 8:15 PM
Look out Scarlet Crusade!
Mar 21, 10 8:04 PM
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'Cog and Alts charge for 80

AltericDragonblight, Jun 2, 10 7:43 PM.
Both Blackcog and Alteric have been levelling this week.  Alts looks likely to be the first Soa with a 4 digit gear score.  Thanks to a lovly new Polearm.  Blackcog has been active in Pugs and is starting to get some nice gear.

Death to the Crusade!

AltericDragonblight, Apr 2, 10 7:23 PM.

Athlestqn and Persephia have now completed the SM achievement, after many repeat runs of the graveyard especially!

Alteric has an epic weapon

AltericDragonblight, Mar 30, 10 6:45 PM.
Alteric has finally finished the gathering of mats for his Fireguard Epic 1-handed sword.  He know feels confident of tanking the wotlk non-herioc instances.  Pug-ing well start soon!

Caldan Respecced

AltericDragonblight, Mar 24, 10 8:15 PM.
Warrior Caldan has now respecced for protection.  He had a run through Gnome-land that went very easily until the healer quit.  He still has a nice polearm for dps work, but is now very at home blocking with a shield and keeping mos clustered.  Thuderclap ftw!

Look out Scarlet Crusade!

AltericDragonblight, Mar 21, 10 8:04 PM.
Athlestan and Persephia finally moved on from SM Graveyard.  After untold goes killing torturers and crypt dwelling types, we got to smack Doan around.  Persephia has Doan's shoulders, Athy got some green AH-fodder.
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